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By May 1, 2019January 30th, 2021Uncategorized

Good morning!

I just wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and let you know I have played 6 rounds with my Titleist AP-1’s that you fitted me for in February.

All I can say is I love them. The first round I was a little shaky, but still shot one stroke better than my typical round. The difference has come in the next 5 rounds where I have improved myself about 6-10 strokes per round. The clubs have given me a great amount of confidence and I just wanted to thank you for the time you put in and the “mini” lesson you gave me.

Thanks for everything.

Thank you for the email and for a great fitting yesterday. Your tip about my grip was a revelation. I played 18 yesterday and really focused on keeping it in place through takeaway. By the latter part of the round I was getting the club face turned back square and hit some great shots. Looking forward to working on it more in practice, particularly with the new clubs.

Thanks again,

Thank you for your valuable and truthful take on golf.  Am going to get a seven wood instead of 4 iron.  Considering other moves per your recommendations.

Keep telling the hard truth.  If they don’t like it then too bad for them..  Jim Kittridge 11/16/18

Just wanted to shoot you an update on the clubs you fitted me for earlier this year.  I haven’t hit my irons/hybrids this well or far since I was 20.   I literally picked up 10-15 yards per club and my misses are never that bad (unless they’re just bad).  And my index actually hit single digits this year for the first time.

Now, if I could only get my short game to improve but I know you’re the man I need to see about that!

Hopefully I can arrange a lesson the next time I’m back up in Oklahoma.

Thanks for all of your help!   Love the e-mails, keep them coming.

O.G. Bacon

87 today babyy!! 

With your help and my practice I’ve dropped 20 strokes and making some great shots!

You tha man!     TF    

I LOVE these new clubs!! Hitting longer and getting on green for a chance for birdie.  SK