Positive Tomorrows is an incredible school that helps create a positive impact on Oklahoma’s homeless children and their families, Ball Golf encourages you to visit their web site to learn more about all the good they do.

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Super Star Akaisha Begay, a Positive Tomorrows grad has moved on to Actec Charter School in OKC. She comes to Ball Golf to work on her game, goes to First Tee most Saturdays. A very generous Jr golfer at Ball Golf gave her clubs to Akaisha and Akaisha keeps getting better and better. You never can tell how sports helps kids, but we LOVE Akaisha and all of you have been a part of helping her. Akaisha has 4 brothers and sisters and her younger sister often accompanies her to Ball Golf and First Tee.

Twice a year Ball Golf is privileged to host the coolest 77 students and 10 teachers from Positive Tomorrows for a day of golf, fun and pizza. Fifteen area PGA Golf Professional volunteer and we have more fun than the kids. It is a great way to introduce golf to kids who may not otherwise have any exposure to the game and support an organization doing wonderful things in our community.

Positive Tomorrow’s is the only school in Oklahoma City serving homeless children, grades pre-k to fifth grade. The children and families live in homeless shelters, rescue missions and even storage units. The school can accommodate 77 students with a waiting list to get in.

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Golf, Pizza, Cookies and lots of fun at Ball Golf

Think We Have More Fun Than The Kids

Ball Golf Founder Steve Ball plays Santa

Local celebrity Dean Blevins hangs out with Jeff
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