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Club Fitting

Driver Fitting Guarantee

Come let us conduct your next fitting when you buy clubs. We do more fittings than anybody in the state and we never try to get you to buy something you do not need or that doesn’t fit you. We guarantee at least a 15 yard increase in your driver distance. This will come from one of three areas:

  1. A correctly fitted driver.
  2. Making a better swing.
  3. Increasing your flexibility and/or strength.

If all these areas are addressed correctly you will increase your driver distance by at least 15 yards. A player must be willing to commit to a lesson plan and or a TPI golf fitness program if the distance increase is not gained from simply the driver fitting. Our history of fittings over the last 5 years has been to get about 20-25 yards more distance for most of our students. And, occasionally we get as much as 50 yards!!How to buy golf clubs that fit your game.

Fitting fees are $150 but are FREE with a purchase.
It’s your shot, what are you going to do?

Fitting Story  April 2015 at Ball Golf…the same club speed, but a additional

27 yards increase due to shaft and club head.

Ball Golf features a full length driving range and continues to be highly rated each year. Our experience staff and custom fittings help golfers of all abilities to enjoy their day at the course.


7501 N Robinson Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK 73116


Monday – Saturday: 10am – Dark
Sunday: Closed until further notice