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Tip Tuesday

A Different Way to Practice

Stan Ball, PGA

“I hit it good on range, but not so good on the course?” Got any suggestions? Yup, try this “different way to practice.” But listen….NO MAGIC, do this five times and you’ll begin to see some improvement, do it all summer you’ll see more than a little.  WARNING, it will be hard on you on the range, you’ll hit more ‘crummy’ shots on range but your ‘on course’ game will improve.  A DIFFERENT WAY TO PRACTICE.

Ball Golf features a full length driving range and continues to be highly rated each year. Our experience staff and custom fittings help golfers of all abilities to enjoy their day at the course.


7501 N Robinson Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK 73116


Monday – Saturday: 10am – Dark
Sunday: Closed until further notice