Your Golf Swing is unique and your clubs should fit you.

In 35,000 fittings less than 2% fit “off the rack.”

Enjoy the Custom Club Fitting Process

Outside, off grass, seeing entire ball flight

The # 1 most common comment after the fitting-“That was the most fun golf experience I’ve ever had, that was a blast!”

First-SCHEDULE A FITTING. 405-842-2626

When making your appointment with BALL GOLF, tell us which of your golf clubs you’d like to see improved and bring them with you


You’ll hit with your current clubs so we can analyze every aspect of your swing. BALL GOLF award winning  club fitter will help you find the ideal club head, shaft and grip combinations that work best.


You can immediately compare performance data between your current clubs and those created in your custom club fitting.  At BALL GOLF we show you and share all the information we gather.


Buy as many—or none—of the the clubs you were fitted for. Clubs you purchase will be in hand in 10 days.

Why Ball Golf Center?

We fit outside off grass…you know, where we play


AWARD WINNING club fitters who will help you find the best club for your speed, size and skill.  We’ve done more than 35,000 Custom Fittings. Ball Golf has been honored by the industry with more than a dozen fitting awards including:

Golf Digest 4 Times Top 100 Custom Fitter

3 Times Top Fitter in PGA Section

4 Times Ping Fitter of the Year

Mizuno Fitter of the Year

Titleist Advanced Fitter 14 Times


We have no bias toward any one brand. At BALL GOLF work with you throughout the fitting and set make-up to help you understand the results
and make an informed decision.  We’ll tell you the truth and show you.

BALL GOLF has more than 25,000 CUSTOM

Our Fitters will mix and match shafts and
club heads from all the top brands for the customer depending on their unique specific needs.


Trackman, Fore Sight, Bodi-Trak
are club fitting state of the art Custom Fitting tools Ball Golf uses.. They
ensure that the fitting process is as exact as possible.

What separates Ball Golf Center from any and every club fitter in the area? First and foremost is the knowledge, training and experience of our fitting staff. We have been custom club fitting for more than 30 years. Ball Golf has grown into one of the best custom club fitters in America.

In addition to our outstanding staff are the facility and tools utilized in our custom club fitting. Ball Golf has a full length driving range to see the full flight of the ball. We have an 8,000 square foot natural bent putting green and 3,000 square foot sand bunker. Ball Golf has recently expanded to having four protected, heated hitting bays to hit from the inside to the outside full range.

We use the latest in technology from TrackMan, Flight Scope, and BodiTrak.

We custom fit all the best brands; Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Cobra, and Adams.

Start Improving Your Game Today.

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What Happens During a Club Fitting?


We start every fitting with a player and equipment evaluation. For wedge fitting, start with the 9-iron and pitching wedge loft, lie & shaft specs.



Tour pros call it hitting their number. The first shots during a wedge fitting will be for distance gapping and wedge set loft selection.



Bounce and Grind fitting begins with full swings during the distance gap fitting, and continues with shots around the green. We evaluate turf interaction, divots and ball flight to determine the right bounce, grind, and lie angles.



The final step is to hit all of the necessary short game shots, including pitches, chips and bunker shots with multiple grinds. These shots will validate your preferred wedges from the full swing section of the fitting.

Myths About Custom Club Fitting

  1. Custom Fit Putters cost more: FALSE Custom fit clubs do NOT cost 1 penny more.
  1. I fit off the rack: FALSE Less than 2% of golfers fit off the rack.
  1. Custom Fit clubs take too long to get: FALSE Custom Fit Putters are delivered within 7 days, sometimes sooner.
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