Thank You to all our golfers for making it possible for GOLF DIGEST to honor

Ball Golf Center

for the 4th straight time as a Top 100 Clubfitter in America!

2011, 2013, 2015, 2017

What’s new at Ball Golf Center?

Callaway’s hotly anticipated Great Big Bertha Epic Driver and the Epic Sub-Zero have made its way to the USGA’s Conforming Club’s List. And we have it at Ball Golf

Is it Really Epic?
What we’ve been told is that the company observed higher average ball speeds from the drivers.
But you know what we say at Ball Golf, “let the product prove it.”

Call us for a Custom Fitting…and remember, “Custom Fit Clubs cost the SAME as off the rack.” And since prices are the same as off the rack, why wouldn’t players ALWAYS CHOOSE to be custom fit
1) Outside
2) Off grass
3) Seeing entire ball flight-NOT into a net
4) With award winning PGA Golf Professionals-NOT clerks in a store?????


Have you seen the 10 day Forecast starting Mon?

“Ole Man Winter is taking a nap”

Let’s sneak some early work in……if the weather holds….

Sat, Jan 14 Putting Boot Camp 12:00-2:00 or 2:30-4:30  $125pp

2 hours with 4 rotating stations-44% of our shots are with the putter. This will fill up fast. Stan Ball, PGA

Forecast 58My 1st round after Putting Boot Camp I shot a personal low of 74, my buddies were calling me “auto” for 6 feet and in.” MS

“The putting drills I learned at Boot Camp have virtually eliminated 3 putts, I love the Zac Drill.” DR


Sun, Jan 15 9 hole Playing Lesson 12:00-2:00 or 2:30-4:30 $90pp includes green fee and cart

Shot selection, Strategy, Club Selection in fairway and   around green, Uneven Lies, saving shots, getting yardages, % shots

Forecast 61

FYI – if wind blows that’s good…it usually does in Oklahoma and I can help you more.

Stan Ball, PGA

For more information or to sign up: call 405-842-2626 or email


We are in our new building, come see us.IMG_4100

“Friends don’t let Friends get fit inside”

The 4 biggest myths on club fitting?

  1. Custom Fit clubs cost more: FALSE Custom fit clubs do NOT cost 1 penny more.
  1. I fit off the rack: FALSE Less than 2% of golfers fit off the rack.
  1. Custom Fit clubs take too long to get: FALSE Custom Fit clubs are delivered within 7 days, sometimes sooner.
  1. Fitting in doors is just as good: FALSE It is IMPOSSIBLE to be properly fit inside, you must SEE THE FLIGHT of the ball.

Jimmy Walker won the PGA with the NEW 917


Ball Golf Center


Unknown-1 copyimages-3SM6_Hero_011816-1

Wedges and Putters…custom fit outside off grass seeing ENTIRE ball flight and roll, at the same price as off the rack… why would anyone do it any other way?????

We also have more than 40 Titleist Vokey, every bounce, grind, loft, finish, length and shafts.
Ping and Mizuno, too! We have more than 20 Left handed fitting wedges. You think anyone else in Oklahoma can say that? 70 wedges, right and left handed, four of the best manufacturers and award winning custom fitters. PING, Scotty Cameron and Odessey putters for custom fitting.
Ball Golf Center is SERIOUS about wedge fitting and putter fitting.

Late Summer/Fall 2016 Clinics at Ball Golf Center
For more details: go to EVENTS or call 405-842-2626 or email

Putting Boot Camp images-2 Tues Sept 6Unknown-19

Tues Oct 18  Spots Open

Short Game Clinic & Tee Shot Camp Sat Aug 27Unknown-19

Sat Sept 24  Spots Open  Sat Nov 5 Spots open

Bunkers Greenside and Fairway Tues Sept 20

We hate Slicing Tues Sept 13  Unknown-19

Tues Oct 25 Spots Open

Free Custom Wedge with Clinic Tues Oct 2  Spots Open

Ladies Golf Clinic Monday’s Sept 19, 26 Oct 3Unknown-19

Mental Game/Positive Self Talk/Confidence Camp


Ball Golf CenterUnknown-19

4 weeks, Cost is $295 includes 1 private lesson/session PLUS one week of parents only
That is a total of 5 sessions and 1 private
75% of sessions will be classroom

Wednesday’s Aug 3,10, 17, 24 5:30-6:30
Parent’s only night Wed Aug 17 6:30-7:30
Steve and Stan Ball, PGAProfessional Logo

Week 1 Positive Self Talk and the damage negative self conversation has (not “could have”…. but HAS)
Week 2 “Alibi Artist” How to put up a decent number when you don’t have your “A” game
Week 3 Confidence and How to Get it
4 Biggest Confidence Killers
Week 4 Preparation will ease anxiety, accepting results and physical fitness

Each player will be given a Mental Game Skills Test. This is from a company called Golfpsych. They have worked with over 300 PGA and LPGA tour players. This test will give us a glimpse into what each players mental game challenges are so we can specifically address them. This camp will address competition issues, not so much swing mechanics and technique, but things that players can put into play immediately.
Just about everything you do on the course deals with CONFIDENCE — if you do not have solid confidence it will be very hard to compete. And we know how to help you develop “Champion like” self confidence.

Watch for our 12 week series beginning in September-
OFF season work when Champions are made
Sign up now 405-842-2626





Coming Tues Oct 18, 5:30-7:30pm $125  Unknown-19

44% of your shots come with putter

Happy Hour RANGE BALLS Sunday’sUnknown-2
Sunday’s at Ball Golf are “Happy Hour” all day….pay for a small bucket and get a LARGE! All Day Sundays!
Open 1:00-6:00 Sundays

If prices are the same for new custom fit clubs, which would be best for you?

The cost of the clubs is the same

It’s your shot…what are you going to do?Unknown Inside, off a mat, seeing none of the ball flight, with a clerk


                    driverfitting-picto-useOutside, off the grass, seeing ENTIRE ball flight, with award winning PGA Golf Professionals who have combined for more than 30,000 fittings

We Love Helping YOU!

Ball Golf

Just wanted to let you know these irons are awesome. I’m hitting them about 1.5 clubs longer and I am able to hit the 3 and 4 irons very well. I am driving the ball straighter, but still need some improvement there.  I shot my first round in the 70’s in 3 years. Shot 74 in a tournament last weekend. Not bad for a 13 handicap and on my way back to single digits.

Thanks, MN

Ball Golf, the last round of golf I played with my old, off the rack clubs I scored 105.

The last four rounds I’ve played with my new custom fitted clubs I’ve scored 96, 96, 91, and 90.

All four of those scores could have easily been three or four shots less.  I’m getting 30 to 40 yards more on my drives.

Once I get more consistent with my irons and continue to improve my short game I think I can realistically hit in the mid 80’s.

I will recommend you to all my friends.


At the beginning of the summer I was hovering between 110-115, this week I shot a 93 and a 94. Never thought that would happen.   ML   8-3-15

87 today babyy!!

With your help and my practice I’ve dropped 20 strokes and making some great shots!

You tha man!    TF     8-26-15

I LOVE these new clubs!! Hitting longer and getting on green for a chance for birdie. SK


Ball Golf is a Titleist ADVANCED Fitter, 1 of only 71 in UStitleist

Ball Golf Center Fitting Philosophy:

We believe in hitting balls outside (where we play), off real grass hitting real balls, seeing the ENTIRE ball flight

We believe in letting the product prove itself, in other words, we think you should come in with an open mind, hit shots and let the product prove it.

We believe in education and training and experience.

We believe in technology, but we also believe in feel…feel is the one thing we do not fit, that is up to the player.

We believe that less than 2% of golfers fit off the rack


Ball Golf is a TOP 100 PING Fitter of the Year

Welcome to Ball Golf Center! Home of TWO Top 50 Teachers and Award Winning Club Fitters- Steve and Stan Ball

Ball Golf 5x11 banner 2

Why choose Ball Golf for my new Clubs?

  1. More than 40 years of Professional Fitting
  2. We fit outdoors off real grass, using real balls watching the ENTIRE ball flight, no mats, no nets.
  3. Our prices are the same as those “concrete stores”
  4. Ball Golf has more Club Fitting awards and recognition than anyone, including:
    • THREE times Top 100 Fitter in America
    • THREE times #1 Club Fitter in PGA Section
    • TEN times Titleist Advanced Fitter
    • Ping Fitter of the Year
    • Mizuno Top 100 Fitter
  5. The most advanced technology of anyone in Oklahoma:
    • Trackman
    • Foresight
    • Boditrak
    • 7 brands of Fitting Carts
  6. Diversity of our fitting experience.
    • Size from 5 year old juniors to 6’10” athletes
    • Right and Left handed-Ball Golf has more than 65 Left handed options
    • Ladies and Mens-Ball Golf has Ladies Fitting Options in all 7 of our Fitting Carts
    • Ages from juniors of 5 years old up to every Senior option on the market
  7. Wedge Fitting-we have one fitting cart DEDICATED to wedge fitting with more than 40 wedges with varying:
    • Lofts
    • Bounces
    • Grinds
    • Shaft lengths & compositions
    • Finishes
    • And we fit for them ALL along with gapping, lie, length and grip
    • Along with personalized stamping options
  8. Putter Fitting-outside on a real green with:
    • 12 Fitting putters
    • Scotty Cameron, Ping Odessey
    • Different lengths-33″-40″
    • Different lofts-2 degrees to 5
    • Different Lies-2 flat to 4 up right
    • Different Grips-standard to Super Stroke and counter balance

Why choose Ball Golf for my new Clubs?

Golf Clubs and Custom Fitting

It’s a FACT that 100% of all golfers need to be fitted I get so frustrated with the lack of knowledge available to the golfing consumer in today’s marketplace. Some of the advertising borders on propaganda and most of it is at best is way too much marketing hype of fancy names and colors. Thus the reason for this web site – it’s purely informational. We’re not selling anything here. We do sell a lot of golf clubs at Ball Golf Center, but 100% of them are fitted. Much of what you will read on the web site will be about custom fitting.

In several of the areas on this site you will see information regarding clubs. Sometimes it is in the instruction areas and sometimes it is in the actual clubfitting sections. When golf clubs are discussed I will tell you about the fitting process and what you should expect so when you decide to get fitted ( I hope you will come see us) you will know what to expect and what questions to ask. $5000 guarantee if I don’t ever give you the correct and factual answer about equipment or instruction.

Contact Us About Enrolling

Custom Club Fitting Industry Recognition

  • Mizuno Fitter of the Year
  • Ping Fitter of the Year
  • Titleist Advanced Fitter & Top 100
  • 3 Times Golf Digest Top 100 Fitter
  • PGA Section #1 Club Fitter 3 Times

Why we don’t sell online

  • No one will fit into standard, off the rack clubs.
  • It is impossible to be fitted over the web or even indoors hitting into a net.