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Junior Golfers – it’s cold out there, what are you going to do this winter?


Now that the weather is changing and getting cooler each day its time to take a look at your golf game and figure out what you are going to do during the off season. It’s a great time to review how you played during the year and to set some written goals for the next season. There really isn’t any reason to wait until the first of the year for a new year’s resolution! After all, if you wait until then, you already missed about 50 days.


When you review your golf for the year, take a look at your golf game by evaluating some simple stats for your rounds. If you’re not keeping these stats, it would be a good time to start.


-Fairways hit

-Greens in regulation

-Number of putts

-Sand saves

-Up and down



In addition to your stats, look at other parts of your game as well when goal setting.

  • Are you having fun playing the game? If you are, that’s great. If not, what has to change for you to have more fun? Remember, it is a game.
  • How is the mental part of your game? Do you get nervous, mad or give up? How do you control your emotions? Do you ever read any books on the mental part of the game?
  • Do you use a pre-shot routine before each shot? Do you have a separate routine for putting and short game?
  • Do you use any alignment sticks or training aids when you practice?
  • Do you have an exercise program?
  • When you practice, is it competitive practice? Do you keep any records of your practice?
  • Do you understand the rules of golf?
  • Will you practice during the cold weather using all weather gloves and layered clothing? If you’re playing spring golf in Oklahoma, it’s a great way to get prepared and embrace it.
  • Short game, short game, short game to lower your scores.


Now is the time to complete your written goals for the winter and next year. Make sure they are achievable and at the same time pushing yourself to get better. When you’re done, print the goals and hang them on your bathroom mirror to check each day. Here’s to better golf!


Craig Benjamin

Master Teaching Professional

Ball Golf Center


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Ball Golf NEVER gets tired of happy golfers:

Titleist TS2 and TS3 are HERE!

Fit now, ship by Sept 25.  Let get your’s on order so it will be 1st to be delivered.  Stan, Steve, Chris and Craig all certified by Titleist to fit the new TS series.




Aug 2018

Just wanted to shoot you an update on the clubs you fitted me for earlier this year.  I haven’t hit my irons/hybrids this well or far since I was 20.   I literally picked up 10-15 yards per club and my misses are never that bad (unless they’re just bad).  And my index actually hit single digits this year for the first time.
Hopefully I can arrange a lesson the next time I’m back up in Oklahoma.
Thanks for all of your help!   Love the e-mails, keep them coming.”


July 2018

I have taken a few lessons at Ball Golf over the last three years. I wanted to let you know yesterday I shot a 76 my first ever around in the 70s. Thanks for your help! CB

June 2018

“Thank you for the email and for a great fitting yesterday. Your tip about my grip was a revelation. I played 18 yesterday and really focused on keeping it in place through takeaway. By the latter part of the round I was getting the club face turned back square and hit some great shots. Looking forward to working on it more in practice, particularly with the new clubs.”

Thanks again,  DE


Golf Tip:


For me to hit the ball first and make the divot after impact, what do I need to do?

  1. Weight must be 80/20 on target side (weight on left foot for righty, opposite for lefty)
  2. Shaft MUST be leaned forward at impact, NOT NEUTRAL.


  1. Players mistakenly think set up position and impact position are the same. They MOST certainly are NOT!
  2. Some players think divot is before impact or under the ball. NOT TRUE, the divot starts after the ball
  3. If the ball is laying on the ground, there needs to be a divot in front of the ball. Even fairway metals and hybrids. Wedge divots and fairway divots are not the same, the wedge divot is deeper, the fairway or hybrid is more shallow, but certainly AFTER the ball.









If you are a serial “FLIPPER” or “SCOOPER”, I strongly suggest beginning with short chip shots. YOU CAN do this, but it won’t happen over night, but I GUARANTEE it is well worth it.

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It’s a FACT that 100% of all golfers need to be fitted I get so frustrated with the lack of knowledge available to the golfing consumer in today’s marketplace. Some of the advertising borders on propaganda and most of it is at best is way too much marketing hype of fancy names and colors. Thus the reason for this web site – it’s purely informational. We’re not selling anything here. We do sell a lot of golf clubs at Ball Golf Center, but 100% of them are fitted. Much of what you will read on the web site will be about custom fitting.

In several of the areas on this site you will see information regarding clubs. Sometimes it is in the instruction areas and sometimes it is in the actual clubfitting sections. When golf clubs are discussed I will tell you about the fitting process and what you should expect so when you decide to get fitted ( I hope you will come see us) you will know what to expect and what questions to ask. $5000 guarantee if I don’t ever give you the correct and factual answer about equipment or instruction.

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We believe that less than 2% of golfers fit off the rack.

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More than 44% of our shots in a round of golf come with the putter.   Golfers don’t think anything about dropping $400 on a driver, and now most even know how important it is to get fit.

But when it comes to a new putter, couple practice strokes, eye it, possibly half a dozen putts on the practice green and “off the rack” and in the bag it goes.