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I was impressed with my iron fitting. You could have got me for about $1300. Instead you gave me what I needed - a lesson. I really cannot stress how happy and impressed I was. Most every other place would have asked me my budget and sold me some irons at the high end. It showed to me that you guys actually care about the customer, not just the money.

PFDec 20

Thank you for fitting my for my clubs and providing me lessons that are truly understandable and applicable. Prior to being fitted for clubs in October my best score was 111 (woof!). I broke 100 for the first time Dec 19, (two months after getting fitted I shot a 97!!) And lastly, after being fitted for a lob wedge in March I recently broke 90 for the first time on May 12. Your expertise truly made the difference and has continued to influence and improve my game.


Played some really good golf today, still need to put in some work to figure out my new distances but I haven’t felt this good going into a season in a long time. Wedges are spinning like crazy, it’s pretty amazing. Just want to say thanks again.

Steve Phillips

Thanks for the chart. Played Saturday and tonight putting is much better, I can’t believe how fast it turned around. I made a lot of 4 and 5 footers, a few 6 to 8 footers and a 20 footer, shot 2 over par. In fact tonight one of my playing partners called me automatic when I had 5 foot or less because I was just pouring them in, that has never happened. I have been practicing in the house 4 or 5 times in the last week. ‪Thanks for your help.


First round with my new clubs 81 Second round with my new clubs and one lesson 36 34 70 personal best played in masters tournament at Oaktree. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ty Garrett

I have shot a few times in the 80s now and others in the very low 90s. I have not shot that low in years. Appreciate the lessons, they are truly making a difference.

Janel Schuppert

Stan, the last round of golf I played with my old, off the rack clubs I scored 105. The last four rounds I’ve played with my new custom fitted clubs I’ve scored 96, 96, 91, and 90. All four of those scores could have easily been three or four shots less. I’m getting 30 to 40 yards more on my drives. Once I get more consistent with my irons and continue to improve my short game I think I can realistically hit in the mid 80’s. I will recommend you to all my friends.


At the beginning of the summer I was hovering between 110-115, this week I shot a 93 and a 94. Never thought that would happen.


87 today babyy!!

With your help and my practice I’ve dropped 20 strokes and making some great shots!


I LOVE these new clubs!! Hitting longer and getting on green for a chance for birdie.


Just wanted to let you know that before attending the clinics, my lowest score had been a 105. I just played 18 by myself and shot an 89! Holy cow! I’m a rules nit so I made sure to play exactly by the rules and counted every stroke and used no mulligans. Took stroke and distance penalties for all OB shots and everything. I did however leave my driver in my bag and only utilized my 6 or 7 iron off the tee on non par-3 holes. I shot 49 on the front and 40 on the back. I had 9 strokes on two par 5s and I know I am capable of scoring much lower. I look forward to making much more progress with your help. I’ll definitely let you know when I’m ready for another lesson. Thanks again for all your help.

Jonathan Nguyen

Thank you for the email and for a great fitting yesterday. Your tip about my grip was a revelation. I played 18 yesterday and really focused on keeping it in place through takeaway. By the latter part of the round I was getting the club face turned back square and hit some great shots. Looking forward to working on it more in practice, particularly with the new clubs.


I have taken a few lessons at Ball Golf over the last three years. I wanted to let you know yesterday I shot a 76 my first ever around in the 70s. Thanks for your help!


Just wanted to shoot you an update on the clubs you fitted me for earlier this year. I haven’t hit my irons/hybrids this well or far since I was 20. I literally picked up 10-15 yards per club and my misses are never that bad (unless they’re just bad). And my index actually hit single digits this year for the first time.

Hopefully I can arrange a lesson the next time I’m back up in Oklahoma.

Thanks for all of your help! Love the e-mails, keep them coming.


Ball Golf features a full length driving range and continues to be highly rated each year. Our experience staff and custom fittings help golfers of all abilities to enjoy their day at the course.


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