We have always thought that by having a rock solid mental game this would allow a golfer to do two things. Compete successfully in whatever level of tournament they desired and 2) It would let them take to the course what they learned on the practice tee. These are two things any tournament player golfer values the most. We are proud to say that We are Certified Instructors for Golfpsych – the only professional in the state of Oklahoma that has earned this designation.

This is some of the best information we have seen in 25 years of teaching golf. We practice these methods on a regular basis and they are very much a part of my game and will be from now on.
All of this is through the an organization called Golfpsych.com. They also have a book titled “The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers.” Their co-founder Dr. Deborah Graham assessed the personality traits of several hundred PGA and LPGA tour players. She discovered that the Champions- those that have won on a consistent basis- had common traits to a high degree in eight personality areas. Those being:

  1. The ability to focus
  2. Abstract Thinking – this would help you to calculate which shot was best
  3. Emotional stability – how to react the correct way to the outcome of your shot
  4. Dominance – this might suggest how aggressive a player might be on the course
  5. Tough mindedness
  6. Confidence
  7. Self-sufficiency – golfers must need to learn to develop this in order to practice the long hours needed to have the physical swing skills
  8. Tension – a golfer needs to be able to control and maintain this at the optimum level.

These eight traits can be measured through their personality test. They will then send us a report showing where you compared to these champions AND MOST IMPORTANTLY we have methods to help you change to be more in line with how Champion golfers think.

We will now be offering lessons in this area just like we do in full swing and short game skills, except we probably won’t hit as many balls. But you will then begin to have a process to build your mental game in a very systematic manner.

In addition to really helping your mental game this has far reaching advantages into your everyday life. It may explain why you react to certain situations the way you do. It can have a very calming effect on you when you understand yourself more. There is much more to this fascinating field. Call us at the shop if you have more questions. 405-842-2626