We have had over 150 players earn college scholarships valued at several million dollars. We have many players succeed and we have seen many players fail. We KNOW what the difference is!
We will address full swing, mental game, fitness and flexibility, club fitting, short game and on-course strategies.




These few words are the basis for what we teach our players. These concepts will get a player a long ways toward reaching not only golf goals, but anything they want to achieve.

  1. Initial evaluation — scores, difficult shots, short game, tournament statistics…. All are part of the beginning of the process.
  2. Lesson plan — full swing, short game, mental game.
  3. Perfect practice schedule to make sure the player gets the most out of their time we have ways to quantify and measure how good a player is practicing. This lets me closely monitor their progress.
  4. Gather statistics from competitive rounds Introduce mental game strategies.
  5. Re-evaluate lesson plan and practice schedule.