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Ball Golf Summer Junior Golf Schedule announced

Stan Ball, PGA Instructor

2 time Top 50 Junior Golf Instructor on US

2 Time Top Junior Golf Leader in PGA Section

2018 Golf Digest Top Teachers in Oklahoma


Short Game Scoring  

On Course Positive Self-Talk

Realistic Expectations 

Limited space in all groups, email or call to reserve a spot

Level I (ages 7-10)

Junior Golfers, son or daughter will learn the right and fun way to learn this great game. We will cover the basics of full swing, short game and putting.  We will emphasize positive realistic expectations. They will learn the basic etiquette of golf. From the very beginning we will stress power/speed in the swing, detail to putting and chipping, positive self -talk and HOW to have a productive fun practice session.

1st Day: Intro to concepts, positive attitude and realistic expectations

2nd Day: Understanding concepts of quality shots

3rd Day Video and pictures of what we want :30 min group parent consultation

Camp Dates & Times

June 19-21 10:00am-12:00pm

Cost $190 includes 1 private 30-minute lesson   ($27 and hour)

This would be excellent for those juniors playing or wanting to play school golf

Level II (ages 11-14)

This group is for boys and girls who have played some and looking to take it up a notch, improve their swing and sharpen their short game. We will emphasize attitude, course disposition and positive self-talk. Golf is difficult and we hit bad shots, how to handle less than perfect shots and rounds. This would be a perfect for kids who may be thinking of high school golf or summer tournaments. How and what to practice so they will use their time better.

1st Day: Intro on how to practice, positive self-talk and realistic expectations

2nd Day: Homework review of previous day, work on speed and power, positive elements

3rd Day: Homework review scoring game shots, review speed and power :30 min group parent consultation

Camp Dates and Times

June 12-14 10:00am-1:00pm

Cost $290 includes 1 private 45-minute lesson    ($29 and hour)


The TPI curriculum believes we should develop athletic movement skills first  that will enable a junior golf to have fast, powerful golf swings.  Steve Ball is a PGA Master Professional and the only Level III Jr. TPI certified instructor in the state. Level III is the highest level of certification.

There are several important aspects to our fantastic methods of teaching junior golfers —

  1. The players must have fun –– simply come oberve one of our camp sessions and you will see for yourselves
  2. We will develop their athletic skills such as:
  3. We will evaluate players in several ways.  First, we do an initial evaluation to test where the athletes are currently. Then we conduct periodic evaluations in 15 diffrent areas.  We award hats with different colors designating different skill levels.  This way we can PROVE to you how your child is progressing.  We will GAURANTEE improvements in a few months time if your child attends regularly.
  4. Growth spurts — this is such a critical time in a young athletes development.  There are crucial elements to this that every parent should know about and we can teach you this.  There are “windows of opportunity” for every child in their athletic development — speed, stamina, suppleness, strength and skill.  If an athlete trains the right way they will be able to take tremendous advantage of these windows.

And, then along with this we will develop their golf swings — both full swing and short game.  They learn this much faster when these other skills are learned first…. then we will have a very fast and powerful golfer.

Please call me if you have questions — I have taught junior golfers for 40 years and this is by far the best way for juniors to learn. Our camps are on Thursday nites from 5:30-7:00 and cost $35 per session or $140 for the month. 

This is a 40 minute video explaining in detail all the aspects of the TPI methods — I personally believe it is the best information in the world for parents– SB

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