Steve Ballsteve

PGA Master Professional
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  • 6 Time South Central PGA Teacher of the Year
  • 2 Time SCPGA Player of the Year
  •  Section Junior PGA Leader of the Year
  • Top 50 Instructor in US
  • Voted #1 Instructor in Oklahoma by Golf Digest 4 times
  • 5 Time Nominee by Golf Magazine for Top 100 Teachers in U.S.
  • Senior Club fitting Consultant to Titleist and Cobra
  • Founder: Titleist and Cobra Custom Fitting
  • Founder: South Central PGA Jr. Tour, 1982
  • Certified Instructor for Golf Psych Mental Game
  • Competitor in 2004 Senior US Open – T49
  • Certified in Custom Fitting -Titleist, Cobra, Callaway, PING, Mizuno, Taylor Made, Tour Edge, Cleveland
  • Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor Level III

Stan Ballstan

PGA Professional

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    • Golf Digest 2017/18 Top Teachers in Oklahoma
    • 3 Time PGA Section Club Fitter of the Year
    • 2 Time US Kid Top 50 Instructor
    • 2 Time Section Junior PGA Leader of the Year
    • Certified in Custom Fitting -Titleist, Cobra, Callaway, PING, Mizuno, Taylor Made, Tour Edge, Cleveland
    • Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor
    • Level 2 Certification
    • Certified Eye Line Putter Instructor
    • Certified KBS Shaft Fitter

Golf Tip Driving-

The 1st in 3 part series

Coming Soon 2nd Tip Putting better &

Finally 3rd tip Wedges and Chipping

  • If I had it to do over again I’d only practice 3 clubs; driver, wedge & putter” Sam Snead
  • Lucas Glover is #1 in total driving distance on PGA Tour
  • What’s your goal with the driver? Is it distance, direction, consistency? I say all of the above, lets get a game plan. On all three of these I will constantly refer to two things-
    • What’s your GAME PLAN
    • How do you PRACTICE
    • Direction- what is the plan? In other words, what is your desired shot pattern? A fade, a draw, straight (that is a hard one)? Lets say you want to hit a nice tight draw (preferable if distance is wanted). Draws are hit because the face is closed to the path at impact. That means you will need to be sure to understand HOW to close the face before impact and that in the beginning (first 100 balls, not the first 5) it is ok to over hook it. If is it a fade you want it will be the opposite. (see video of my 2 favorite hook drills)
  • Distance-Are you maximizing the speed you have right now? Are you getting efficient hits with high launch and low spin (see attached article). In Oklahoma I know it is tough on the eye to hit it high, but there is no arguing with science. If more speed is wanted/needed/required than you need to look at your fitness, are you “sports healthy”? TPI evaluations bat 100% at improving this. (Copy and paste this informative Golf Digest article)
  • Consistency-How are you practicing?
  • -Do you lay down an alignment stick 100% of the time? If your alignment is inconsistent during practice, just quit, don’t hit another ball. Seriously, PGA Tour players lay down a stick, have a caddie and a coach always checking alignment. Why in the world would you think you could line up consistently without a stick on ground when Jordan can’t, Ricky can’t, Rory can’t.

-Do you pick a fairway on range to hit shots into? Take time before you hit a shot to get organized. Lay down alignment stick and pick a distinctive fairway with fair width. Do the “Rory” drill, hit 14 tee shots to the fairway and keep track of your percentage. My 2 favorite DRIVER drills


  • -Are you trying to hit YOUR shot into that fairway? If a draw is your choice, make slow rehearsal practices swings and see how many draws you can hit into fairway…or for something different, how many hooks can you hit in a row.
  • Summary Be sure you have a Game Plan for practice and improvement. Be organized in your goal to be a better driver. For example:
    • My practice plan is to hit draws, to understand what makes the ball curve. If nothing else I’ll have consistent alignment.
    • I am committed to hitting 30 drivers every practice session and try to have 2 sessions a week. In one month I will assess my sessions and improvement
    • The quality of my practices sessions is critical
      • Organized
      • Positive thoughts
      • Patience

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Chris Perkins

  • Certified Club fitter — Titleist and Ping
  • 2 years teaching Junior TPI golf instruction

James Bell

  • Certified United States Golf Teacher
  • Master Teaching Professional-2002
  • Specializing in Clubfitting techniques, certified to fit
  • Titleist, Cobra, Ping, Mizuno, Callaway

Craig BenjaminIMG_3523

  • Certified United States Golf Teachers Federation
  • Master Teaching Professional
  • Guest Instructor at the OSU Cowboy Golf Camps 2000 – present
  • UCO Instructor: Introduction and Intermediate golf classes
  • Attended Dave Pelz Short Game Schools
  • Certified Titleist/Cobra custom fitting
  • Cobra staff member