You have to hit this shot 14 times in a round of golf. When you drive the ball well and keep it in play the course plays so much easier. Plus, it’s a blast to hit great tee shots!

Camp Info…if weather holds

Saturday, Feb 20 2:00-4:00

You hit this club at least 14 times every round.

DRIVER CAMP 2:00-4:00

$160 (Special Pricing for this day $120)

Nothing but DRIVERS!

Learn the keys to making this the best club in the bag. Hit it further and straighter. Results guaranteed!

Focus on: Squaring face, more square hit, How to practice productively

Ball Flight Laws, Adding distance,

Free custom fitting

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Notice these dates correspond with the Short Game Camp dates –Together they make an excellent 1 day mini-camp. ( Exception – nighttime camps do not correspond with a Short Game Camp)