Short Game, Tee Shot Camps, Putting Boot Camps and Slicers Only Camps are now on Events Calendar

Guaranteed Improvement

Get the magic move and you can hit any short game shot with great consistency and Learn the magic move in all short game shots. Get this move and you can hit any short game shot with great consistency and efficiency!

Mar 26 Saturday

Short Game Clinic 10:00-1:00

Tee Shot Camp 2:00-4:00


This absolutely the #1 best way for quick improvement of your game. 64% of your shots come from 50 yards and in, 45% are putts. Learn the proper technique.

SHORT GAME CLINIC 10:00-1:00  Steve Ball


Putting, Chip and run, Lob, Bunker

½ wedge (the most butchered shot

we see)

  • Class times are 10:00am – 1:00pm on Saturday mornings.
  • Cost is $140.00.
  • Limited class size.
  • Chipping – three kinds of chip shots using a SW, 7 iron and Lob wedge.
  • Partial Wedge shots – this would included shots from 20 -70 yards.
  • Sand Bunker shots.
  • Greenside shots
  • Putting
  • Including some great drills for short and long putts.

DRIVER CAMP 2:00-4:00 Steve Ball


Nothing but DRIVERS!

You hit this club at least 14 times every round. Learn the keys to making this the best club in the bag. Hit it further and straighter. Results guaranteed!

Focus on: Squaring face, more square hit, How to practice productively

Ball Flight Laws, Adding distance,

Free custom fitting

April 2 Saturday

Putting Boot Camp 11-1:00 Stan Ball

putting-2Boot Camp for Puttingimages-2

Take it to the Course

44% of your shots are PUTTS

Limited to first FOUR players




2 hours of Putting Instruction

Drills specific to your weaknesses

Putting Chart for you to take

$125 pp

There will be 4 quadrants and we will rotate every 25 minutes, a 20 minute summary at the end.

Alignment and Aim
Impact and Lag/Speed control
Take it to the Course
Putting is the most neglected part of the game, why? Most golfers know the importance. Most players are not confident WHAT they are practicing and HOW they practice, and will they get better.

We know from science that the face affects 75% of direction and path affects 25% for putts.


Ben Hogan once said ‘There is no similarity between golf and putting – they are two different games – one is played in the air and the other on the ground’.

We will have several Training Aids to give us instant feedback for quick adjustments.

Speed control is the result of 3 things: How solid the putt is hit, the length of the stroke, and the pace of the stroke. When we focus on these things our distance control will improve and become consistent.

We will have 4 stations in the 1st hour and rotate. By the time we are done you will know HOW and WHAT to practice. You will have drills that will be successful for the end results, how you putt on the course. Not with 2-3 hour practice sessions, but with 15-30 minute sessions.



Guaranteed Slicers Cure  April 2 Saturday

2:00-3:30  Stan Ball

Are you tired of dealing with a nasty slice when you go out to play a round with your friends, family, or co-workers? Not to mention the embarrassment?

Well, I have some Good News and I have some Bad News:

Here’s the Bad News:

  • Most golfers that play that terrible slice go on doing it for years and do nothing about it.
  • It KILLS their distance and consistency
  • It takes the fun out of playing
  • And it will only get worse, which could led you to giving up this great game

Now the GREAT news!

  • You love playing this great game, or you wouldn’t be here
  • If you could get rid of that slice, you’d have a blast
  • We can help you…GUARANTEED
  • Either in a group clinic or individual sessions

Group Clinic 1 hour limit of 4 per group:   $90   Mar 14,Apr 25,May 23 12:00-1:00

Two Individual 1 hour lessons:                           2 for $180 (call for




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Note: If you have your own group of 4-8 players we can schedule these camps on days of your choice and even customize the instruction format. Contact us for more details – Call 405-842-2626.