As a golfer ages, we get slower and this not only affects our club head and ball speed, but just as importantly our TRAJECTORY.  Keep this in mind when considering clubs, whether a new set or adding to what you have.  If you have a club in your bag that you have to “work at”or “help” get it in the air…GET RID OF IT!  For instance, that 3 wood is a low line drive bullet-when you hit it good-test drive  something with more loft. That 3 wood probably has 15 degrees loft and maybe a stiff or regular flex shaft, what would your ball flight and distance be if it was a 16, 17 or 18 degree loft with a regular or soft regular shaft?

Specific actual fitting-Ford, age 67 and handicap of 17, wanted a new 3 wood.  I asked him to hit a few BEFORE he purchased.  He hit all the clubs I suggested….the winner a 5 wood went the farthest.  Who cares what it says on the bottom?  Just is this the club that performs best for the player.

Be smart, let the club/product prove itself, hitting real shots off real grass seeing the entire ball flight.