Putting tips

Did you know the angle of your putter face controls 90% of the direction of your putts, 10% is your path. 90% FACE. How can we work on getting our face to release into the impact position consistently?

Here are 3 simple drills:

  1. Lay a penny down 4 feet away; putt your ball over that penny 4 out of 5 times. If you do it 1st time, way to go, keep it up. If not keep at until you can do this consistently.
  2. Lay a yardstick down, place your ball on the end of yardstick and putt 5 balls in a row so they exit the yardstick at the other end (without falling off the side).
  3. Stick 2 tees in the green as a “gate” just slightly wider than your putter head, place the ball in the center of the tees and putt 3 footers not letting your putter head touch the tees as it passes through hitting ball.

If you do these ONE time will it help….seriously? NO, not one time, but if you commit to the routine and process, be patient you will see improvement.   #1 and #2 you can do inside. Any work you do on short game this time of year will pay off come springtime, guaranteed.

Stan Ball

Eye Line Putting Instructor Certified

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