Great article in Golf Digest  (latest edition, grey cover with “jeweled” driver head on cover) by Mike Stachurs about Drivers, poorly fit drivers and how easy it is to get closer to maximizing your distance.  Just a few of the hi-lights:


This is NOT an advertisement, but an article by a respected writer without bias or personal agendas

“Why Driver Fitting Matters” Golf Digest

Golf Digest studied 150 average golfers hitting drivers.

“Most golfers are woefully short of their potential. Two thirds in our survey were not within 15 yards of their potential, and half of those 30 yards or more short of optimum.”

The faults lay in:

“1st– how fast does ball leave the face-this is affected by solid contact” and solid contact often times has to do with length of shaft.

“2nd– Launch angle, 13 degrees is the optimum, most players in the test were less than 11 degrees”

“3rd– backspin, the more backspin the shorter the ball goes. Off center shots always have more backspin resulting in shorter shots. Less than 300-rpm is optimum.


“Now look, some of these are admittedly swing issues, but usually not big or complicated:”

  • Simple things like moving ball UP in stance so as NOT to hit down (causing back spin) but to hit up with less spin and higher launch
  • Tee it higher – again higher launch less backspin.


I have included the full article below; it is only one page and offers great insight with facts difficult to argue. Remember 3 things:

  1. Solid contact
  2. Higher Launch
  3. Less back spin

Stan Ball

3 Time PGA Section Top Fitter

8 years Titleist Advanced Fitter


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