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Impact Position

Impact Position is crucial to consistent contact.  The sooner players understand it and embrace this position the better your game will be. Impact position is NOT set up position, impact position would be: Weight pre-dominately on the front foot (left foot for right handed players, right foot for lefty’s) see 1st pic below Shaft leaned […]

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Productive Practice

How to practice like a pro When you go to a tour event on a Monday or Tuesday, you see what real practice is all about. We’re not talking about a quick warmup before a round. We’re talking about truly working on your game, as if it’s the most important thing in the world. But […]

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Putting Tip

Putting tips Did you know the angle of your putter face controls 90% of the direction of your putts, 10% is your path. 90% FACE. How can we work on getting our face to release into the impact position consistently? Here are 3 simple drills: Lay a penny down 4 feet away; putt your ball […]

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Hitting Driver farther

Great article in Golf Digest  (latest edition, grey cover with “jeweled” driver head on cover) by Mike Stachurs about Drivers, poorly fit drivers and how easy it is to get closer to maximizing your distance.  Just a few of the hi-lights:   This is NOT an advertisement, but an article by a respected writer without […]

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Putter Fitting

Putter Fitting “Tour players care more about putting and their putter than the normal player, do you know why? They love money.” Curtis Strange   More than 44% of our shots in a round of golf come with the putter.   Golfers don’t think anything about dropping $400 on a driver, and now most even know […]

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