Hybrid vs long irons vs fairways

Hybrids vs Long Irons vs Fairway metals all depends on the players, their speed, the course and shots needed and feel.

Here are a couple basics, usually which of these clubs is selected could depend on how high you hit it and how much spin, can you fly the ball onto a elevated green or over a bunker and get it to stop.  High speed players sometimes can, this players bag may have a 3 metal, 2,3 iron.  Medium speed player, their bag may have 3 or 4 metal, and a 2 and/or 3 hybrid.  Slower speed player might have 5 and/or 7 metal, and a 5 and 6 hybrid.

Ego gets in the way often, make the right decisions for playability and what fits your game.  It is a LAW, as we get older our swings slow down, remember high trajectory is our friend.

If you have a club in your bag that your have to work to get up in the air….get it out of your bag.

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